Solar Reading Lamp

Reading lamps, emergency lights, tablet, mood lights and hi-design lights are part of the lighting series developed at iX. These include low-design, high utility lights aimed at solving power crisis and high end hi-design lights



Eco chic lighting from the serene forests of northern Kerala into your living room. Xiccu began as an idea to design ranges of lighting utilizing ecological materials and power them from the sun. Our team of highly skilled craftsmen and women work within the forests of Northern Kerala bringing to life the mysteries of the forest into the high design range of eco-chic lighting. All of our designs are made from renewable materials such as bamboo and coco- nut and each light comes with an option to be powered by solar energy. We believe in iconic design, eco-chic and supporting the marginalized.

Pet bottle Island And constructions

The hoard of discarded pet bottles floating on water was converted to a piece of beauty and utility with this Pet bottle island. Built on a platform of 5000 discarded PET bottles, the island has a bamboo hut situated on it. This has been deployed at the Kanthari International Campus, Trivandrum, South India. low cost structures are very durable owing to the long life of plastic. iX has constructed many such PET bottle structures, including a bus shelter at CET and an auditorium for Chilla, both base in Trivandrum, South India.



This elegantly designed solar–powered electric bicycle complements pedal power with energy from the sun. It can travel up to a distance of 40Km on a single charge. Cyclists can switch seamlessly between pedal power and an on-board electric motor.

Solar Boat

iX has developed a range of solar powered boats, including bumper boats and twin hull boats, of varying designs and capacities with zero dependence on liquid fuels, such as Diesel and kerosene. It is completely silent & pollution free.

Solar Peak-Load Optimizer

Peak load energy represents one of the most significant challenges for modern day grids, in India and the world. This is a patented automated Inverter system offering a simple yet outstanding solution to this problem. The system is charged during day time from solar power and uses the stored charge to power devices during peak load hours, or at times when energy is at a premium. It can considerably reduce the dependence on grid, reduce overall energy costs at scale and provide homes with a robust and lasting source of secure energy

Hybrid Streetlight

A Wind-Solar Hybrid system which utilizes both wind and solar power to help overcome energy crisis for lighting purposes. This streetlight stand independent of the grid and offer a high power low maintenance solution at an affordable price. It uses low power LED lights and have a facility to sense the environment for automatic dusk to dawn function lighting.

Solar Auto Riksha

Solar e-rickshaw conversion kit that convert your e-rickshaw into zero emission and fuel efficient solar e-rickshaw powering your monthly savings in the most effective and environmental friendly way.