Innovation eXperience

Innovation Experience is a social infrastructure company that brings together applied clean technology development with human-centered design and a core focus on achieving positive social impact. With a majority of its efforts conducted in the agricultural state of Kerala, India, Innovation Experience works with government and local private organizations to develop a portfolio of products that are economically efficient and environmentally sustainable. With the development of sustainable solutions ranging from solar air conditioners to waste management, the brilliant team at Innovation Experience work towards empowering local community members with access to a more energy and economically efficient quality of life. As the world is understanding the real cost of fossil fuels and looking towards renewable energy becoming the only viable alternative for the planet, Innovation Experience embarks on this paradigm shift by equipping communities with not just environmentally-conscious technology but also implementing a collective consciousness about taking care of our planet.

Operating in an emerging economy like India, Innovation Experience is creating a social impact through its unique business model. This company does not just build technology in hopes it will save someone. Innovation Experience immerses itself in understanding the lives of community members and applies powerful design thinking skills to implement solutions that people actually need. Their process includes a diagnosis of the client’s community and challenges, analysis to draw insights, ideation among its team of engineers and inventors, and the deployment of its product which goes through another cycle of tests and accelerated prototyping. Among the few socially-driven companies in Southern India, Innovation Experience has provided solutions that benefit the environment and local residents directly, and by leveraging its relationship with local organizations and the government, the company is able to find relevant applications to citizens and improving their overall comfort in life."