Solar streetlight

This streetlight stand independent of the grid and offer a high power low maintenance solution at an affordable price. It uses low power LED lights and have a facility to sense the environment for automatic dusk to dawn function lighting.

Solar Air Conditioner

Air conditioning system that works on solar power and reduces dependence on Grid. Our solution works with any air conditioner, harnessing energy from the sun to keep you cool. Also it gives you flexibility to power other electrical equipment when the AC is not in use

Solar Cycle

This elegantly designed solar–powered electric bicycle complements pedal power with energy from the sun. It can travel up to a distance of 40Km on a single charge. Cyclists can switch seamlessly between pedal power and an on-board electric motor.

Solar Peak-Load Optimizer

It is a patented automated inverter system charged during daytime from solar power and uses the stored charge to power devices during peak load hours.

Solar LED Hoarding and Signage

Patent-pending technology for solar powered LED hoardings. Intelligent energy management system reduces energy consumption to nearly 1/4th of power compared to conventional systems. Another advantage of the system is its automatic switching.